Pole snapped off at Charlestown & Hilltop Roads
By Deputy Chief Chuck Fields
September 13, 2022

Tuesday September 13, 2022. At 10:15 PM calls began coming into 911 for an accident where the car sheared off a pole and rolled over at Charlestown & Hilltop Roads. Communications dispatched Kimberton Fire & West End Ambulance. Initial calls reported the car on fire due to allot of smoke, but there was no fire upon the arrival of emergency units. The driver fled the scene but was later picked up by the State Police. Debris littered the street for about 300 feet. The FD closed down the roadway and awaited PECO. Firefighters remained on the scene for about an hour and a half, cleaning up the scene and directing traffic.

Units: Rescue 61, Engine 61 & Deputy 61
Mutual Aid: Ambulance 67-4 & Medic 67 (West End EMS)