Kimberton Volunteers assist on two woods fires
By Deputy Chief Chuck Fields
March 15, 2023

Wednesday March 15, 2023. Kimberton firefighters were called to assist Twin Valley fire crews on a woods fire Wednesday around 4 PM. The fire was in the 2300 block of Ridge Road in Warwick Township. Crews responded with the Brush truck, Tac and ATV. Kimberton crews met up with crews from Twin Valley, Ridge, and DCNR Forestry team members to contain and extinguish the fire. They crews spent about 4 hours in the woods on this fire.
Thursday March 16, 2023. Around 4:35 PM Kimberton firefighters once again responded with the Brush, Tac and ATV to assist the Norco FD on a woods fire on Temple Rd near the Berks County Line. Crews spend several hours assisting Norco, Ridge, DCNR and Berks units on this fire.

Units: Brush 61, Tac 61, ATV 61-1, Chief and Deputy 61.