Barn fire response for Kimberton firefighters
By Deputy Chief Chuck Fields
August 24, 2023

Thursday August 24, 2023. This call came in just after 10:30 AM bringing out crews from Kimberton, Ridge, Ludwigs Corner, Valley Forge, Lionville and West End Ambulance. As workers on the barn lit a fire in the debris pile next to the barn, a spark flew up and into the roof line of the barn causing a small, smoldering fire. Crews extinguished the debris pile and the crew from Lionville used their ladder Tower to reach the peak of the barn and dig out the hot spots. Crews were on the scene about an hour.

Units: Engine 61, Tanker 61, Chief & Deputy 61
Mutual Aid: ENG681, ENG621, Eng625, ENG735, Tower 47, MICU 67-1