Early morning dryer fire
By Deputy Chief Chuck Fields
December 30, 2023

Saturday December 30, 2023. At 6:41 this morning Kimberton Firefighters were awoken for a dryer fire in the 300 block of Draper Lane in East Pikeland Township. Police were the first to arrive and used their dry powder extinguisher. Unfortunately, that was not quite enough, and the Assistant Chief used his to finish off the fire. Upon arrival of the fire units, the FD checked the home for extension and then removed the unit to the exterior of the home. The unit was checked, and it was discovered it was the electrical components that shorted out and caught fire. Thanks to the homeowner's fast reaction the fire was contained to the dryer with some light smoke and odor damage to the house. Photos by Assistant Chief Gable.

Units: Engine 61, Rescue 61